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Working in a big shopping mall in Jiangmen City with apartment, Non native(With good accent accept)

China, Jiangmen

This training center is looking for new talented teachers to teach 2 to 8 years old children English.

Job Requirements
1.  Bachelor’s degree or above , relevant work experience is preferred;
2.  Standard pronunciation, fluent oral English and strong literacy;
3.  Love children and English educational career;
4.  Lively and cheerful personality, warm and generous;
5.  Understand the difference of teaching systems and methods between Chinese and western and be willing to accept new teaching modes;

More about P the Job:

1. The salary is negotiable and we provide free housing to our teachers near the school center, or 1000rmb per month allowance if teachers want to find housing by themselves. The school will pay for visa in China if the school can do it in the regular way.

2.  3000-5000 RMB airfare allowance when the teacher finishes one year contract.

3.   Five working days per week.

4.   40 working hours including 25 class hours. Classes are mainly in workday afternoon and early night (for example,from 2pm-8:30pm) , and weekends all day

5.   Class size 10-12 students of 2-8 years old children. Children under 3 must attend class together with parents.

6.   Length of each class is 1 hour.

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