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ESL teacher need ASAP in Guangzhou ,salary over 16K ,Native speaker

China, Guangzhou

If you become a member of the ‘International’ section then you will stay with one class and work with the same class each day alongside your Chinese English Teacher. You will teach and plan as a collaborative team and you will work within a team of teachers per class. The hours for the ‘International’ section are currently 35 hours and if you are in the Primary International Section you will have scheduled classes, whole class activities (Kung Fu, Milk, Snack and Outside Activities) as well as office time. You should be in school for your office and class time. As an English Teacher you will teach a range of English skills such as different forms of communication, English Grammar and Language skills, English Phonics, English Maths, Creative Writing Skills and English Inquiry Language as well as provide a positive role model for staff and children around you.

There is a curriculum and focus calendar that you should follow but it is up to you and your co-teacher to teach the key skills in an interactive way. The children should have a sound knowledge of English language (to an international level) and the children should be provided with opportunities to use and apply their language in real-life situations. You will have to work within your team to create weekly and daily plans as well as make and prepare resources to enhance the teaching and learning. You will work with your co-teacher to write reports, assess the children formally and informally as well as attend training sessions and weekly meetings to inform your teaching.



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