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noborder Question:

I worked in Zhangzhou Fujian before and I loved it. I want to work there again eaching Kindergarten. do you have any positions available for the next school year - (July/August). thank you kindly.

Our Answer:

Thanks for your inquiry. I would like to say 'yes'. We have some schools in Zhangzhou,Fujian. But it is still too early for the school to recruite the teachers in July or August. Because they are focus on the vacancies for Feb and March now. We will keep you in mind.After spring festival holiday,if we have new vacancies come up,we will contact you.In the meanwhile, you can send your application to our or you can visit our to search the job information.

Catherine Zhong

Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2014 08:35:23 +0800, 1989 views

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