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noborder Question:

Is a degree necessary for a teachers Z-visa? Why do some TEFL schools say that a degree isn't necessary if you have a TEFL certificate? Also, many visa application centres in Canada never ask for a degree certificate. Even the Chinese Consulate in Toronto doesn't have a degree listed on the list of required documents to obtain a Z visa. If a Z visa is processed by the Chinese Consulate without proof of degree status, is there any chance that, once in China, your visa can be invalidated and you can get into legal trouble? Ideally I would like to teach in Shenzhen, but I only have a 200+hr TEFL certificate from INTESOL along with 30+hrs of in-class experience. I don't have a degree though, but I also don't want to be deported.

Our Answer:

The consulate in Torronto will require your Z visa invitation letter which is processed in China by your employer. Some consulates do not require that you take your original degree with you to get the Z visa when you apply. However, The Z visa invitation letter must require a BA degree to be processed.

If you are offered a Z visa invitation letter without a BA degree, you are safe to continue the process; your visa will not be revoked after being issued for this reason.


Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 09:42:27 +0800, 2473 views

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