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Scam & Reviews At Find Work Abroad your trust in us is the most important aspect of our work. We pride in excellent service and above board operation.
We are originally a UK Company, operating legally in mainland China
We offer clear, simple information before interview to ensure you know everything beforehand

We demand strict requirements from our clients - In the past we have filtered over 100 companies in China to ensure only the best reliable institutions are on our books.

About our Company:

We have been operating in mainland China for 4 years. We are a fully registered Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in mainland China.

To date we have direct contracts with over 500 employers across the country and help more than 50 foreigners find work every day. Our office is in Gangding, Guangzhou and we pride in offering exceptional service in a somewhat un-trustworthy market.

We guarantee that your information is protected with us, we will not use the bait-and-switch tactic and we certainly will not lie to you to get you to sign a contract with one of our clients.

We have been in the industry for 4 years and wish to keep our clients as long as possible.

After accepting a contract with any of our clients we can help negotiate contracts to a degree, and if you're not happy with a certain employer we can assist with communication and in extreme cases help you find another job.

We wish to try to help as many foreigners in China find work, honestly, quickly and we will always conduct our business the right way.

If you're looking for a job, the quickest way is to apply online by clicking here.

Reviews and feedback from our candidates

I'm extremely happy to have found just the job I want. I found your consultant Winnie Stone to be friendly, helpful and efficient, and wish her well for her future endeavors. I'd recommend 'Find Work Abroad' as one of the best employment sites around.
Jonathan Stead
Jonathan Mark Stead

Date: 02/08/2013 08:59 View

Hope your staff continue to assist me after I start working in China should I need their help. Thanks to Liyin and Winnie.

Jia Kempes
Jia Kempes

Date: 07/08/2013 16:28 View

Liyin is truly an excellent agent. She is very helpfull, and on the ball. It is great to have her as an employment agent.
romielle rex

Date: 14/08/2013 14:04 View


Bradley Thompson

Date: 16/08/2013 15:41 View

Yuki Cai is very helpful, patient and professional.
Andrew David Meats

Date: 04/09/2013 14:09 View

I dealt with Liyin through the application process and was more than satisfied with the service she provided. She was always quick to reply to any questions that I had and was able to be in touch with the school and get answers to questions that she couldn't answer on her own.
Through the process of planning my time in China, I was in touch with 6-7 schools and agencies and a large part of the reason that I chose the contract that I did was because of Liyin's helpfulness.
Even after all documents were signed, she was sure to remind me that if I have questions I can contact her and I genuinely felt as though I could approach her with a problem or question.
Overall, it was a great experience and I am very pleased with the service and the final contract that I have signed.
Elizabeth Ollerhead

Date: 06/10/2013 10:18 View

Amy has been very helpful in my search for a part-time job. She has communicated in a timely manner and is always friendly in responding when I have a question. I have also communicated briefly with Selina regarding a full-time position. She has also been very pleasant. I would definitely recommend you to my other fellow American teachers.
Christopher M. Smith

Date: 08/10/2013 11:28 View

Overall I'm very happy especailly with Yuki who was very sweet and helpful.
Karl Okeson

Date: 08/10/2013 11:09 View

im very happy with the service
stewart samuel

Date: 23/10/2013 15:29 View

Amazing service, great communication, and friendly staff. 10/10 !
Benjamin Dowson

Date: 31/10/2013 04:45 View


Leah Cossette

Date: 06/11/2013 04:13 View

The staff have been very helpful and extremely fast at replying and setting up interviews.
Neil Sinclair

Date: 18/11/2013 21:59 View

Yuki and Evita were both very helpful. Please pass my gratitude onto them.

Many thanks
Will Barsby

Date: 26/11/2013 18:31 View

thank you so much you have all been amazing thats selina , kimmie and evita all very amazing at what you did for me thank you

lisa akehurst
Lisa Akehurst

Date: 29/11/2013 19:47 View

Selina is a wonderful, wonderful agent. She is kind, caring and sensitive to my needs. Evita recently worked on my behalf and she is great too. I am very thankful to both ladies for their work and efforts on my behalf. I recommend your organisation to all. Thank you. Naumai
Naumai Taurua

Date: 02/12/2013 13:54 View

I found the experience both easy and pleasant. My contacts with Evita and Cici were warm and friendly. Thank you for your help in finding this job!
Regards, Ken Hall
Kenneth David Hall

Date: 17/12/2013 14:11 View

The team of "Find Work Abroad" is very efficient and polite they made this process very easy and enjoyable.
Stephanie Michelle Diaz

Date: 03/01/2014 13:26 View


Myrna James

Date: 14/01/2014 18:07 View


Natalia Galeote Ruiz

Date: 21/02/2014 11:49 View


Hannah Gordon

Date: 26/02/2014 09:29 View


Anna Lushagina

Date: 26/02/2014 11:37 View

I've talked to about a dozen recruiters who got me in touch with over a hundred job descriptions. Yours was the only completely hassle-free process. I'm 100% satisfied and can only say-- keep doing what you're doing!
Joel Mounts

Date: 07/03/2014 16:43 View


Joel Green

Date: 19/03/2014 09:19 View

The staff who handled my job application, Liyin and Joey were very helpful. They were always on hand to answer my questions and were in constant contact with me through the unbelievably difficult visa application. They are very professional and dedicated to their jobs
Owen Kelly

Date: 20/03/2014 21:41 View

Wish you all more success!

Date: 27/03/2014 22:46 View

this website for me is one of the best in China,friendly/helpful and always obliging
anthony william bunn

Date: 09/04/2014 11:59 View

your staff is very helpful and Catherine is Great !!!
Robert Neil Rowe

Date: 16/04/2014 14:01 View

Summer was great and called and sent emails quickly. Aside from the network failure, I believe that she did a fantastic job and helpede find my dream job.
Amanda Grace Highfill

Date: 07/05/2014 15:26 View

Catherine was absolutely fantastic and very helpful. She worked with me to help me find what I was looking for and found a match with a school under what she knew that I would need. Thank you so much.
Patrick Thomas Wills

Date: 13/05/2014 10:25 View

I could not even expect how fast this site will assist me in finding a good job. From the first day of my application I have been cared about on a daily basis. The staff are real professionals, very friendly, responsive and, what is very helpful, they are very experienced and understand immediately what kind of job you are looking for. I feel blessed having applied to the site since I have found a job in less than two or three months. Now my dream is going to come true and I will go to China for a year. A huuuuge THANKS to three people I have been communicating with - Avis Lee (HR Consultant), Joey (HR Consultant) and Liyin (HR Manager). I wish everyone who is looking for a job abroad to find an excellent option :)
Diana Muntianu

Date: 28/05/2014 01:50 View

Liyin was very helpful and friendly. She made the job search simple. Her communication was clear.
Sean Philip Armstrong

Date: 03/06/2014 22:44 View

You are so great´╝ü Thank you very much for your help, is the best ever!!!
Anastasia Potievskaya

Date: 09/06/2014 20:27 View

Liyin was such a great help and so pleasant to talk to. She helped me whenever a problem occurred which made my experience with your company very good.
Kathryn Poppke

Date: 13/06/2014 09:13 View

Thanks for all the help!
Stephen Joseph Kovacs

Date: 15/06/2014 01:35 View

Miss Amy Wen, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitute for all your hard work helping me to find the dream position in Zhengzhou Chongging University. All your numerous Emails , calls to and from your personal cell phone EVEN on your weekend off visiting family you cared enough to take the time to handle business on my behalf. Your professionalism displayed at all times is incredible! You are major asset to your employers and I wish to tell them that never was I so proud as I am now to have the good fortune to have you, Miss Wen at my service. I trusted you with my future happiness and you didn't disappoint me. Everyword you said was true and I felt that trust as you held my hand guiding me to this University. You took pity on me when I told you ,like I would tell a sister how things have been for me workwise in the past 8 years working in China. You found this position and made it possible for me to come here. I cannot express my thanks to you enough, Im overwhelmed to the verge of tears at your kind personal touch..I felt like you were helping me as a friend and not just a faceless client. God bless you Amy Wen God bless you Forever in your debt, William Jesset P.S . Note to your employers: I've spoken with representative from all points in China who make promise's of this and that ..Never once did I believe them. It was all talk with no actions taken, no proof of anything just more talk and if I were foolish enough to do so(to believe with my greed and not my heart)and grab at their offers of BIG money...HAH! I said to myself I cannot do this because I owe Miss Wen the respect she showed me. She said what she did and she did what she said..she brought the things to my table. Like a valid website and a valid contract and valid contact numbers . Because of this I am now in Gongyi Henan in a beautiful spacious clean apartment on the campus awaiting the process of a Z visa. And if that fails to happen, I just know Amy would try again to help me till it is done! She's saved me from having to return to my home country and keep my dream of living and working in this beautiful country of yours that you have made my home too ,China . I thank you sirs, Wm Jesset Amy Wen is an commited honorable person who deserves yours and mine respect.You should be proud to have the likes of her working for you. This is yours and my good fortune. "FIND WORK ABROAD" five stars *****

Date: 25/06/2014 10:54 View

You have a great company to work with.
Rajeen Kyleem Brockington

Date: 01/07/2014 10:36 View

I am fully satisfied with findworkabroad service! Appreciate Yuki and Liyin help and support.
Andrey Luchko

Date: 14/07/2014 13:40 View

Liyin was such a great help!! I am very satisfied with her work and will refer her to other teachers! :)
Rusty Knoll

Date: 15/07/2014 13:15 View


Robbie Carlisle

Date: 15/07/2014 19:57 View


Matthew Edwin Wright

Date: 16/07/2014 21:25 View

Thus far very impressed with Liyin and Avis. Presented good positions along with good follow up. Would certainly recommend to others.
kevin polacek

Date: 17/07/2014 13:11 View

Good company, work very good . Wish them all best.
Natallia Smolskaya

Date: 25/07/2014 16:18 View

You helped me a lot when I was in need and the first time I aproached you for help, you were there for me all the way, and cann't thank you enough guys.
filip ristic

Date: 25/07/2014 18:03 View

great employment services
Mariana Rivera

Date: 09/08/2014 04:46 View

Thanks for the help finding my new job! Special thanks to Lucy, she is wonderful.
Timothy Sunderland

Date: 17/08/2014 14:26 View

Thank you for your help.
Bruce Cowie

Date: 25/08/2014 11:42 View

Liyin and Summer were very helpful and nice to talk to. They both did an excellent and professional job of representing your company.

Thank you
David Klinck

Date: 28/08/2014 10:22 View

Thank you for the help! You are really high quilified team of great specialists!
Inessa Pustova

Date: 11/09/2014 16:03 View

Excellent service via email and telephone, asisstants are very kind and friendly follow the applicant fully and completely.
Yuliya Tsyganenko

Date: 14/09/2014 11:58 View

The staff was very helpful! They made the application process a breeze.
Zachary Lavengood

Date: 17/09/2014 12:36 View

Avis and Liyin are awesome!!!!!! We need helpful employees like that in Canada! Thanks for the help!
Dionisios Mylonas

Date: 18/09/2014 09:36 View

I highly recommend them, I tolked with Yuki and she is very pleasant and professional.
Nemanja Jevtic

Date: 19/09/2014 22:13 View

Very easy to use,very friendly and helpful staff, good communication throughout.would highly reccommend to anyone seeking work in china..A+++++
John Newsham

Date: 14/10/2014 11:42 View

Great organization! Thanks for your help. I will officially sign the contract next Wednesday and am looking forward to working with this company.

Date: 15/10/2014 23:15 View

Thank you for arranging this opportunity and moving the process along.
Peter Markson

Date: 21/10/2014 15:26 View

I appreciate all the help, Yuki Cai deserves a raise.
Joseph Lambert

Date: 27/10/2014 19:07 View

Thanks for the great & caring service!
Otto Sutrisna

Date: 06/11/2014 14:49 View

Lucy was very kind, helpful, and had excellent communication through the whole process. She showed me several offers until I found the right one. Everything is much appreciated. Thank you.
Michael Dailey

Date: 07/11/2014 14:55 View


Great job! I am happy to have worked with you.
Felicia Layce Williams

Date: 26/11/2014 20:38 View

This service was very prompt and efficient. My contact, Lucy Zhou, was very nice and personable and helped a great deal putting me in contact with potential employers. I had several interviews and was able to choose the right situation for myself at this time. I would use this service again and would seek out Lucy specifically to work with.
Alan K. Murray

Date: 10/12/2014 11:22 View

This will be my first time teaching and I did not expect to have such a good outcome. The service was very quick and professional. Thanks for everything!
haldo Lopez

Date: 11/12/2014 10:34 View
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