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12-15k Starting Salary, English Teachers in Changsha, Excellent Benefits, Foreign Management Network, Z Visa+Medical Insurance+6-8k Flight Allowance
Vinston English, China, Changsha    Friday 20th of October 2017 11:51:04 AM 40 views
Primary school English teacher needed in Huangdao,Qingdao, start immediately
Shenzhen SIE Education, China, Qingdao    Thursday 19th of October 2017 02:08:08 PM 12 views
Primary,Middle and High School English teacher needed in Longhua,shenzhen, start immediately
Shenzhen SIE Education, China, Shenzhen    Thursday 19th of October 2017 02:05:33 PM 27 views
Primary School English teacher in Bao'an,shenzhen, start immediately
Shenzhen SIE Education, China, Shenzhen    Thursday 19th of October 2017 01:59:05 PM 8 views
Primary School PE and Drama English teacher in Nanshan,shenzhen, start immediately
Shenzhen SIE Education, China, Shenzhen    Thursday 19th of October 2017 01:56:20 PM 27 views
Middle School Drama English teacher in Nanshan,shenzhen, start immediately
Shenzhen SIE Education, China, Shenzhen    Thursday 19th of October 2017 01:52:59 PM 50 views
Shenzhen Full-time Middle, High school academy teachers
Shenzhen SIE Education, China, Shenzhen    Thursday 19th of October 2017 01:41:37 PM 28 views
English Teachers in Shenzhen 15,000 to 18,000 RMB/Month+6,000 RMB Flight Bonus+17 paid holidays+7-night Hotel Accommodation+Z Visa+Medical Insurance
Scholastic English Training Center, China, Shenzhen    Thursday 19th of October 2017 10:59:15 AM 31 views
10,000-18,000RMB in Tianjin Public School +Apartment+Z visa
Tianjin Association for international Exchange of Personnel , China, Tianjin    Thursday 19th of October 2017 10:48:29 AM 41 views
20000-25000 RMB Per Month Native English teachers in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenzhen
Hangzhou Continents Culture Development Co.,Ltd., China, China, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenzhen    Tuesday 17th of October 2017 03:58:05 PM 49 views
14000-17000RMB a month in Sichuan Lu Zhou Public High School Starting from February,2018
Chongqing United Foreign Language Institute, China, Luzhou    Tuesday 17th of October 2017 12:07:44 PM 122 views
Up to 18000RMB a month in Chongqing Training School with Apartment and Z visa
Chongqing United Foreign Language Institute, China, Chongqing    Tuesday 17th of October 2017 12:05:03 PM 158 views
International Kindergarten Europe ESL Teacher Needed in CQ With Competitive Working Condition starting from February
Chongqing United Foreign Language Institute, China, Chongqing    Tuesday 17th of October 2017 11:57:44 AM 27 views
Up to 20k RMB/Month English/Sicence/German/French/Japanese and other Subjects Teachers throughout China, High Salary, Excellent Benefits!
JMF Recruiting, China, Various Cities throughout China    Tuesday 17th of October 2017 10:57:01 AM 25 views
NEW - Teach in Indonesia in 2018 - Full flight reimbursement - Work visa provided - Housing provided in many locations
EF English First, Indonesia, Over 20 cities    Monday 16th of October 2017 06:32:18 PM 102 views
Teaching 10 Hours/Week as Civil Engineering Teacher in Changchun 10,000-16,000 RMB/Month+34 paid holidays/Year+Yearly Bonus 10,000 RMB+Work Permit
BDW Foreign Language School, China, Changchun    Wednesday 11th of October 2017 02:28:55 PM 59 views
12,000-18,000 RMB/Month ESL Teachers in Various Large Cities in China+Annual Travel Bonus+Z Visa+Weekends Off+Chinese and (some) Western Holidays Off
Oriental Cambridge Education Group, China, Tianjin, Harbin, Dalian, Hefei    Monday 9th of October 2017 03:25:08 PM 102 views
ESL Teachers in Changchun 8,000-16,000 RMB+Medical insurance+Z Visa+Cambridge English Teacher Membership+34 Paid Holidays/Year+7000 RMB Yearly bonus
BDW Foreign Language School, China, Changchun    Monday 9th of October 2017 10:50:45 AM 41 views
English Teacher needed in Xiamen+Basic Salary 12000-18000/month + Housing Allowance+ Paid holidays+Excellent Teaching Environment
King's International English, China, Xiamen    Monday 9th of October 2017 10:03:52 AM 57 views
Teach English in Guangzhou Basic salary 17,000RMB/month+2,500RMB/month Housing+1,500RMB/month Prefect Attendance Bonus+4,000RMB Maternity Allowance
BBT English, China, Guangzhou    Thursday 28th of September 2017 04:19:21 PM 246 views
Teach in Ningbo, Earning 16,000-25,000RMB/month+2,000RMB Monthly Housing Allowance, Enjoying Paid Holidays, School-paid Trips
Ningbo Fo English School, China, Ningbo    Wednesday 27th of September 2017 04:57:28 PM 120 views
Monthly Base Salary 18-25k RMB Business English Teachers in Oxford in Beijing + Z Visa+Excellent Teaching Environment
Oxford Centeriver Education and Training Group, China, Beijing    Wednesday 27th of September 2017 11:12:42 AM 106 views
ASAP: PRIVATE aparement;Only 20 TEACHING HOURS;THREE weeks paid holidays;City Tour;5,000CNY Bonus; Free Chinese lesson; Z Visa; Beautiful environment
Yeats English Education, China, Xuzhou    Tuesday 26th of September 2017 04:48:11 PM 95 views
Teach ESL in China. Benefits Include: Basic Salary of 14-20k RMB/month, Z Working Visa, Insurance and Flight Reimbursement. WeChat 18521757240
SK Teaching Solutions Pty Ltd, China, Various Cities throughout China    Monday 25th of September 2017 03:10:48 PM 158 views
English/Art/Sports/Music Teachers are Needed in Zhangjiagang 10,000-14,000 RMB/Month+Housing Allowance+Z Visa
Zhangjiagang King Childhood Growing Center, China, Suzhou    Friday 22nd of September 2017 04:54:44 PM 94 views
ESL Teachers in Changsha 15,000-18,000 RMB/Month+Free Accommodation+Paid Holidays+Flight Allowances+Z Visa+Health Insurance+Salary Increase
Birmy Education, China, Changsha    Wednesday 20th of September 2017 05:25:24 PM 125 views
13-20k RMB/Month Teach English in Various Cities in China such as Xiamen, Kunming, Qingdao, Haikou+Flight Allowance 6,000 RMB+Medical Insurance+Z Visa
International Institution of Education (i2), China, Xiamen, Kunming, Qingdao, Haikou, Changsha, Chengdu, Mianyang, Luzhou, Guiyang, Liupanshui, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Nanning, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Xi’an    Monday 18th of September 2017 11:28:49 AM 162 views
Teach English in International City Beijing 20,000-30,000 RMB Monthly+Housing Allowance 2,000-5,000 RMB+Medical Insurance+Z Visa+Annual Travel Bonus
Beijing Geosita Universal Information Services Limited Corporation, China, Beijing    Monday 18th of September 2017 08:51:27 AM 109 views
Chongqing Training Center English Teaching Position With Amazing Payment+Work Visa+Apartment
Chongqing United Foreign Language Institute, China, Nanjing    Wednesday 13th of September 2017 01:25:33 PM 548 views
Chongqing Public High School Need Teacher Urgently with Competitive Payment and Work Visa
Chongqing United Foreign Language Institute, China, Chongqing    Wednesday 13th of September 2017 01:19:28 PM 606 views
Near Guilin Landscape, Tourist City Nanning 14000-20000 RMB Per Month+Flight Allowance+Accommodation Allowance+Z Visa
Yungwing International kindergarten, China, Nanning    Tuesday 12th of September 2017 02:29:24 PM 72 views
ESL English Teachers in Tianjin 9000 RMB-13000RMB/Month+Z Visa+Medical Insurance+Housing Allowance 2500 RMB+Flight Reimbursement 5000 RMB
King’s English, China, Tianjin    Monday 11th of September 2017 09:56:42 AM 109 views
14k-22k RMB/Month After Tax + Z Visa + Free Accommodation Teach English in Various Cities Across China
Wingokids English School, China, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Guangzhou, Qingdao    Thursday 7th of September 2017 03:42:13 PM 190 views
Teach English in WorldWide Education Center in Shenzhen 1,2000-2,0000 RMB/Month + Z Visa + Health Insurance + Paid Annual Leave
Eye Level Education International, China, Shenzhen    Thursday 7th of September 2017 10:15:29 AM 494 views
Teach in Kindergarten in Chengdu City, Sichuan, start immediately
Shining Me Education , China, Sichuan    Wednesday 30th of August 2017 05:48:35 PM 85 views
Kindergarten English teacher in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, start immediately
Tiny Footprints International Kindergarten湛江市霞山区小脚印幼儿园 (China), China, Zhanjiang    Wednesday 30th of August 2017 04:50:11 PM 209 views
High School EFL/ESL Teacher in Anhui Province(China-Singapore Project)
Anhui CWin Education Consultation, China, Hefei    Friday 25th of August 2017 01:16:12 PM 222 views
High Paid English Teaching Job in Beijing!
Fluent English, China, Beijing    Wednesday 23rd of August 2017 03:38:15 PM 256 views
English language Teachers for Sichuan of China – Hiring immediately
Shining Me Education , China, Chengdu    Wednesday 23rd of August 2017 10:53:07 AM 329 views
Small City, Enjoy High Salary! Teach English in Nanning 14000RMB-20000RMB Per Month
Yungwing International kindergarten, China, Nanning    Monday 21st of August 2017 04:45:33 PM 160 views
Teach English in Xuzhou 13,500-15,000 RMB+Paid Holidays+Apartment+Arrival Pick-up+Health Insurance+Flight Allowance+Z-visa+Free Chinese Lessons
EF English First Xuzhou Kids and Teens Franchise School, China, Xuzhou    Friday 18th of August 2017 09:50:00 AM 160 views
Teach English in Beijing 11,000RMB-14,000 RMB After Tax + Apartment + Z Visa + Paid Chinese Public Holidays + Free Chinese Lessons
北京蓝海云端教育科技有限公司, China, Beijing    Thursday 17th of August 2017 09:13:30 AM 139 views
Teach English in Seaport – Lianyungang 8,000-10,000RMB/Month+7,000RMB Flight Allowance+14 Paid Holidays+Medical Insurance+E Bike+Free Accommodation
Action English School, China, Lianyungang    Wednesday 16th of August 2017 04:35:40 PM 84 views
11000-18000RMB in MF Kids English School Training Center +Apartment +Holidays in summer/winter
Guangzhou MF International Kids English School, China, Guangzhou    Wednesday 16th of August 2017 03:27:23 PM 244 views
10000-18000RMB,Public School in coastal city—SHENZHEN, housing provided, 10000 flight bonus, Z visa, National Social Insurance, Free Chinese Class,
China (Shenzhen) International Personnel Training Centre, China, Shenzhen    Friday 11th of August 2017 05:25:28 PM 205 views
A new Opportunity teaching in public high school in Xianyou, Fujian,Start Immediately, travel subsidies+Accommodation+two days off
Fujian Xianyou No.1 Middle School, China, Putian    Tuesday 8th of August 2017 10:48:59 AM 234 views
8000-18000RMB in Yiyang Regal English Training Center +Apartment+Z visa
Regal English Training Center, China, Yiyang    Monday 7th of August 2017 04:01:19 PM 257 views
8,000-14,000 RMB in XIangyang + Apartment + Medical Insurance + Z Visa + Transportation + Contract Completion Bonus 4000 RMB
湖北省襄阳市魔法城堡教育咨询有限公司, China, Xiangyang    Monday 7th of August 2017 09:27:37 AM 139 views
International Kindergarten Located in Shenyang, Surrounded by Five Star Hotels, Pubs, Shopping Malls,Coffee Shops 10000-13000 RMB After Taxes
Inspire International Kindergaten, China, Shenyang    Monday 31st of July 2017 02:42:19 PM 778 views
10000-20000 RMB Native English teachers in Shenzhen,Fuzhou,Jinjiang,Fu'an
Fuzhou Educhina Education Exchange Service Co.,Ltd, China, Fuzhou    Monday 31st of July 2017 08:41:59 AM 141 views
Great Opportunity in Nanjing & Wuhu 10,000-15,000 RMB per month + Dormitory + Z Visa
Shane English School – Nanjing | SunArt Education Group, China, Nanjing & Wuhu    Friday 28th of July 2017 08:57:11 AM 186 views
Teach English in Language Center in Changzhou ,Jiangsu (close to Shanghai), start immediately
ABIE Changzhou Xinbei, China, Changzhou    Wednesday 26th of July 2017 01:27:45 PM 186 views
Shenzhen &Zhuhai & Guangzhou & Tianjin &Qingdao ESL Elementary Teaching
Shenzhen &Guangzhou &Zhuhai &Tianjin&Qingdao SIE Education, China, Shenzhen    Wednesday 26th of July 2017 10:08:04 AM 212 views
Rockies English, China, Quanzhou    Tuesday 25th of July 2017 11:39:58 AM 416 views
Teach English in High School in Shenzhen, start in August
Ming Shi Lu Education Management and Investments Inc.(Canadian Company), China, Shenzhen    Tuesday 25th of July 2017 10:09:22 AM 232 views
Teach Mathematics in High School in Shenzhen, start in August
Ming Shi Lu Education Management and Investments Inc.(Canadian Company), China, Shenzhen    Tuesday 25th of July 2017 10:04:55 AM 184 views
Teach English in middle school in Jinjiang, Fujian, start in September
Ming Shi Lu Education Management and Investments Inc.(Canadian Company), China, Jinjiang    Tuesday 25th of July 2017 09:50:56 AM 171 views
Looking For September Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher& Primary Teacher
Hua Nan Country Garden Bilingual Kindergarten, China, Guangzhou    Monday 24th of July 2017 10:17:13 AM 201 views
300 CNY Per Hour Part-time Foreign Teacher in Dongguan
东莞市东城蒲公英语言培训中心, China, Nancheng or Changping, Dongguan    Friday 21st of July 2017 01:58:43 PM 230 views
12000 – 20000 RMB in Shanghai Kids English Training School + Apartment + Z visa
American Baby International English school Tangzhen Center, China, Shanghai    Wednesday 19th of July 2017 09:21:49 AM 289 views
14000-17000RMB in Sichuan Luzhou High School +Apartment+Zvisa
Chongqing United Foreign Language Institute, China, Luzhou    Friday 14th of July 2017 10:03:23 AM 1548 views
Teach English in Xiamen EF 10000-13000RMB/Month +Z visa
Education First , China, Xiamen    Wednesday 12th of July 2017 05:15:34 PM 252 views
Competitive Payment +Apartment+Z visa in Chongqing International l Kindergarten
Chongqing United Foreign Language Institute, China, Chongqing    Tuesday 4th of July 2017 05:01:57 PM 209 views
Full time English teacher need in guangzhou China
Rainbow Island English, China, Guangzhou    Tuesday 20th of June 2017 10:53:47 AM 2032 views
Drama Teachers are needed in Beijing, China
Dreamaker, China, Beijing    Thursday 15th of June 2017 09:26:46 AM 1956 views
Teach ESL (Primary 4-6) in a training center, start immediately
Han Xuan Education Centre翰轩语言教育中心 , China, Xiamen    Friday 9th of June 2017 01:33:22 PM 271 views

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